Recruitment Stops Program


Resource Marketing Program is designed to gather applicants from highly populated visible sites that have been identified as high traffic areas and with high probability of qualified BPO applicants. This is a complete program with pre-event marketing, event recruitment and post event reports, and statistics. The venues are located in fast food sites and restaurants near malls, schools, offices and recreational areas. The site becomes a place for recruitment, sign-up, quick interview and hiring. Our qualifiers and recruitment coordinators, will invite, register and qualify applicants on-site and work with your recruitment officers to bring in good quality applicants for your company. Branding and Recruitment in an all-in-one package program.



1.  Time: 10am-6pm ; 8am-4pm

2. Freebies: Fast food items included.

3. Additional: Giveaways to be provided by the client.

4. Team Leader: (1pax)

5. Resource Marketing Officer: (1pax)

6. Qualifier: (4pax)

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