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Top 3 Must-Have Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Ever asked yourself

” With me being a small business, what’s the most effective means for me to get my brand out there and get noticed according to priority and importance?”

Marketing your small business is essential for you to generate leads and ultimately convert your customers. While it’s important to have a bag of ready marketing strategies that will define your products or services—the choices out there can be overwhelming and a bit expensive.

Overwhelming because there’s just too much information, offers, how to’s, etc.

Expensive because it might lead you to numerous sign-ups, courses that take time to finish and costly mistakes due to trial and error.

Which is why it’s important to cover just the essentials—especially if you are just starting out and on a budget.

Presenting Top 3 Must-Have Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

1. Building and Clarifying Your Brand Identity—Most products and services fail flat on their face because they don’t know how to communicate their brand message clearly. They think that when it comes to branding--graphics is the key. What they fail to realize is that Branding should be on point, communicates to the customer firstly and should never be a complex mumbo jumbo of words. Ever heard of a brand that includes its mission and vision in their communication? Well, most likely this strategy confuses your customer more than enlightens them. Having a clear, easy to relate to the brand that your customer can identify and engage with is key to successful marketing.

2. Using Social Media Effectively— Social Media is an imperative, low cost but highly engaging channel when done right. A lot of businesses think that employing Social Media as part of their strategy is all about just creating and paying for ads in order to generate leads and conversions. What these owners don’t realize is the platform can only work if you provide content upfront and not sell your product thinking that people will buy. Social Media works when you post engaging content, comments, insights, words, images, videos, ideas and pictures that will resonate with your target audience.

3. Video— When was the last time you saw a video on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram and interacted with it immediately? Most likely very recent. See people love to see images in action, they get captivated by the overall experience of video, sound, images and an engaging message. In fact video ranks as the most important content in social media with an engagement and likeability rate of 95%! So if you are not doing video, chances are your market is missing out on one of the highly effective social media tools out there. Trust us when we say that most of the businesses that have regular and valuable video content are the ones that also have the most clients!

These are just the Top 3 Must-have proven and effective Digital Marketing Strategies out there that can help you skyrocket your business.

You’d be surprised that these strategies won’t even cost you an arm and a leg to get started.

Want proof on how this can be done?

Click the link below and find out how we're able to help different businesses scale through marketing without having to spend so much.

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