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We organize different activities which may be of a big help on your recruitment needs by utilizing different out of the box strategies.




Resource Marketing Program is designed to gather applicants from highly populated visible sites that have been identified as high traffic areas and with high probability of qualified call center applicants.


We introduce this Quick Stops Program in highly populated visible sites. This can help you manage your whole daytime and divide this to a half day recruitment and a half-day office paper works or capture two different locations in just one day.


Quality Merchandising Service is designed to gather applicants in your designated sites based on the calibration or instruction given to them by your company. Our personnel will be working with your recruitment team to bring in good quality of applicants for your company in a given period of time.


Resource Marketing Support is a Special Support Program. Our trained team leader and qualifiers will bring applicants in the area with a high probability of BPO qualification.


In  Special Support Service, we will provide you with a specialized team, this service is designed to gather applicants from highly populated visible sites in support to your company activity, like job fairs, out of town caravans and open house recruitment.


This new recruitment system will allow you to extend your recruitment coverage in a square just like a “Mini Job Fair” where opportunities are endless. The Recruitment Square is in malls, outdoor centers and large restaurants in Metro Manila. We have monthly and quarterly events with pre-announced dates and locations.


We activate Recruitment Events in different barangays with potential BPO employee candidates and provide job opportunities to residents of Metro Manila as they learn more about how to succeed in the BPO industry.

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