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Meet The Team

Introducing our skilled and competitive team, ready to exceed expectations. Comprising experts in their fields, we collaborate seamlessly to deliver exceptional results. With a shared commitment to excellence, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs and driving success for your business.

Paul Familara


A seasoned entrepreneur with extensive expertise in sales and marketing, Paul has built companies from the ground up, using innovative marketing strategies as the primary driver of success. He has led Innovate for 18 years and holds a Digital Marketing Certificate from the NZ Marketing Association.


Nonalu Familara


With a strong management background and over a decade of experience in the business field, Nona expertly handles the financial side of the business. She holds a postgraduate degree in business from UUNZ Auckland.


Irene Acosta

Managing Director

Irene began her career in 2005 and is the current Managing Director. With nearly two decades of experience, Irene has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic vision. As Managing Director, she has been instrumental in steering the organization towards success, overseeing all aspects of the business, and ensuring that the company meets its goals and objectives.


Mark Nanquil

Digital Marketing Manager

MJ has 9 years of experience in Digital Marketing, including skills in Social Media Management, Ads on Instagram, Meta, TikTok, and LinkedIn, Google, Web Development, SEO/SEM, Content Marketing and Writing, Sales Funnel, SMS Blast, Lead Generation, and Email Marketing. Certified in Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Meta Business Partner, and Google Analytics, MJ is also recognized as a Business Blogger.


Rachel Capati

Multimedia Artist

Rachel has been a multimedia artist for 8 years, specializing in creating compelling designs, editing high-quality videos, and developing user-friendly websites. She has advanced Adobe Creative Suite expertise. Her passion lies in turning creative ideas into eye-catching visuals that enhance brand identity and engagement.


Marj Arnaiz

Technical & Admin Specialist

Marjorie has 12 years of experience in Marketing and Administration. She is skilled in concept design, photo editing, and video editing, with technical expertise in both hardware and software. She takes on a sense of responsibility to assist other departments in reaching their goals successfully.


Zelle Arididon

Business Development Officer

Zelle has nearly 5 years of Sales and Marketing experience, specializing in rapport building, customer relationship management, and lead generation. She is goal-oriented, organized, and passionate about her work, with strong communication and teamwork skills. Zelle is proficient in using tools like Salesforce, ZoomInfo, and Seamless, conducting market research, and consistently achieving sales targets. She holds a B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Santo Tomas.


Maria Lucas

Head Team Leader

TL Maria is the Head Team Leader. She has been a key player in leading and managing teams, contributing significantly to the success and growth of her organization. With her leadership skills and experience, Maria continues to drive her team towards achieving their goals and maintaining high-performance standards.


River Tino

Team Leader / Host

TL River is the Team Leader and Event Host. Specializing in hosting recruitment events, River plays a crucial role in managing teams and organizing events that attract top talent. Their expertise in event hosting ensures that each recruitment event is engaging, efficient, and successful, contributing significantly to the organization's talent acquisition efforts.


Catherine Verano

Sales and Operations Associate

TL Cathy is the Sales and Operations Associate. In this role, she excels in sales and operations, which is key in driving the organization’s growth and efficiency. Catherine is also responsible for facing clients and dealing with them in various projects, ensuring their needs are met and projects are successfully executed. Her expertise, dedication, and excellent client-handling skills have significantly contributed to achieving sales targets and optimizing operational processes, ensuring the smooth functioning of the business.


We are confident in our ability to exceed your expectations and drive success for your business.

With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we are ready to deliver outstanding results in social media marketing, designs, and strategies.

Let's work together to achieve your goals and take your business to new heights.

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