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How to do Linkedin Competitor Analysis?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

How to do Linkedin Competitor Analysis?

LinkedIn has many benefits for ANY individual including showcasing careers, skills, achievements; sharing content for thought leadership positioning; building and nurturing a network; and accessing job opportunities. But the benefit people often overlook is the value of using LinkedIn as a research tool to access your competitor's secrets.

Remember that first and foremost LinkedIN is a marketplace. It's a very OPEN and RELAXED place where people share information freely to get more audience, engagement and business connects.

Take advantage of it still being relaxed and unregulated by doing the following to your competitors:

  • Follow the key figures/thought leaders of your competition.

  • Have someone list down the updates have your connections posted? Spot the trends and events that they might be highlighting in their business? Carefully look at business networking events they might be attending and apart of

  • If your connections are sharing content, what or who is the original source?

  • Are there any ideas you can adapt for your own business?

  • Who’s commenting on their content?

Use ALL the information above and plot it in a SWOT matrix ( Try to see what strategies you can adapt especially in marketing your business.

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