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If you or someone you know owns a Golf Country Club, what do you think are the reasons why customers go into the Golf Club?

Do they want a place to relax, to enjoy the scenery? Do they want to meet new friends, network and talk business? Do they want to be seen and be associated with prestige of the sport?

While all of the above are VALID and reasons to which all Golf Marketers tailor their campaign for:

  • Invitationals

  • Networking Nights

  • Tournaments

A quick search on Quora may surprise you with the reasons.

"For me, it's largely that sensation of raw power that comes from hitting a little white ball 250+ yards, sky high, and in all sorts of shapes and sexily curved flights. As others have mentioned, the feel of striking the ball purely and watching it pierce the air like a bullet"
"This can be incredibly intimate experience -- whether you're playing with three strangers or the same group of guys for the past twenty years. They are witness to your struggles and successes... and you are witness to theirs."
"Patience (golf takes 3.5 hours to play). It is also important to stay calm when you mess things up, it really is a mental game with yourself!"
"You have the opportunity to better yourself with each hole. Self-improvement"

Do you see a common thread?

A theme that stitches everything?

Patience, Determination, Self Improvement, Willpower, Mental Game

Now imagine having these themes. If you were the Golf Club how will you market them in Social Media?

Here's an example:

  • You can come up with an Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin Account that will provide insights that will help SOLVE the following:

  • Comfortable Clothes that can help you in Your Game - Exercises that Will Help You Remain Calm and Focused in order to help you with your Swing - Self Help Books that strengthen Mental Toughness

  • etc etc

You can also invite speakers or coaches to talk and provide some quick workshops addressing the themes above.

Put yourself in the shoes of a golfer.

Which is much more engaging—plain announcements or ads promoting the Golf Club or real content that will help you solve your problems?

If you know someone who owns a Golf Club or any type of business please feel free to share this piece of information.

You can also directly DM us and we'd be happy to provide you with some quick marketing advice for FREE!

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