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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

In fact, this is by far the most important skill in marketing!

Without the ability to write good copy you cannot:

  • Attract your audience

  • Make them Trust you

  • Enough to make them buy for you

Everything that you see—

  • Funnels

  • Chatbots

  • Content Blogs

  • FB Posts

  • Linkedin Posts

  • Ads

  • Emails

Are a result of someone who "knows' how to right good copy. Just so you know, Copywriting is an exact SCIENCE.

  • Language Science

  • Persuasion Science

  • Psychology

  • Neuroscience

It's not just B.S. and gut feel.

For the copywriter it takes years for them to perfect their craft.

They pay for good courses, follow the masters and carefully apply and approach the craft by "writing" thousands upon thousands of copy.

Copywriting is the "brains" behind the full Marketing Strategy

It's so important that one of the highest paid marketers are the copywriters and the content writers.

Hourly rates range from USD $50–$80 per hour for new and junior copywriters, USD $80–$120 per hour for mid-level copywriters and top level copywriter can demand USD $120–$200 per hour

So if the thought "it's just copywriting" comes to mind think again.

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